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Avanda Group specialises in property development in New Zealand, with a focus on quality, sustainable and modern housing developments that add value and appeal to Auckland and New Zealand communities. ​ Avanda Group is proud to partner with local councils, top architects, property development and engineering consultants to combat current housing shortages throughout New Zealand.

Brewer Davidson

Brewer Davidson are experienced in managing the documentation and construction of large and small projects and have established their design credentials with competition successes and professional awards.

Chancellor Construction

Chancellor Construction, with over 10 years local building history, is a professional project management company in Auckland.


ASC Architects is one of New Zealand's leading architectural practices, and provides architectural and interior design services for projects throughout the country.

AULFON Construction

Whether you’re building a home for your family or bringing a boutique development to market, you need the assurance of quality. AULFON Construction offers you the backing of a large construction firm (LIVEFIRM) with extensive experience and over 350 skilled employees.


Barfoot & Thompson have the experience and expertise to buy or sell at a scale unmatched by any other agency. Every day, one in three Auckland homes are sold by us. Barfoot & Thompson provide specialized services, marketing and expertise for project developments, specifically significant residential projects across Auckland including large and boutique apartment developments (off the plans and completed), terraced homes and subdivisions.

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